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  1. Make a confirmed reservation directly – either on our website or by phone.
  2. If you find a qualifying lower rate for the same accommodations within 48 hours of making your reservation, and if we verify your claim, we will honor the lower price AND take an additional 10% off the room rate for each night of your stay.


A qualifying lower rate is a lower price that you find on a non-Salt Hotels booking channel, and must be viewable by anyone prior to booking and bookable by anyone.

Certain types of rates will not qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee if there are differences in the accommodations or itinerary. For example, rates do not qualify if they are for a different room type, or at a different hotel, or include different amenities, or are not on the same dates for the same length of stay, or are for a different number of guests, or have different policies, terms or conditions for the booking (like different cancellation, deposit, guarantee, or refund policies).

Certain types of rates will not qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee if they have other restrictions or limitations on how they are displayed or booked. For example, prices do not qualify if they are on websites that do not disclose the hotel until the booking is confirmed (like Hotwire and Priceline), or are on auction websites, or are for the hotel component of a package booking, or are for bookings that do not provide an immediate confirmation, or are not available to the general public (like negotiated rates or group rates), or require a login or code to see, or if they are on websites that don’t have the ability to book a reservation, or are provided through direct mail or email offers or solicitations, or are for reservations made within 48 hours of 4:00pm on your day of arrival.


You must send us an email within 48 hours after you make your confirmed reservation, and at least 48 hours before 4:00pm on your day of arrival. The name of the sender should match the name on the confirmed reservation for each room. You will receive an email confirmation or phone call shortly after our receipt of your claim.

Your claim email must include:

  • Screenshot of the booking channel where the lower rate was found (make sure it shows the stay dates, number of guests, rate(s), and room type).
  • The date it was researched.
  • Your full name.
  • Your confirmation number.
  • Your date of arrival.


We will try to validate your claim independently within 24 hours after you submit a claim with all the required information. The same accommodations must be available for booking at a qualifying lower rate in USD. Rate comparisons will be made net of taxes, gratuities, or other fees or incidental charges, and will exclude changes in currency exchange rates.

The Best Rate Guarantee will not apply to multi-day stays if the total room price for the stay is the same or greater than the total room price for the stay you booked through the direct booking channel. We may deny claims if we believe that the Best Rate Guarantee is being intentionally abused or manipulated to circumvent its intent. We also will not verify any request that we believe, in our sole discretion, is the result of a printing or other error.


If we verify the availability and eligibility of the qualifying lower price, we will match the rate plus give you 10% off the room rate for the entire booking. In that case, Salt Hotels will adjust the rate on the confirmed reservation.

The room price change should not be considered approved and effective until you receive an email confirmation reflecting the new rate.

The guest who makes a confirmed reservation will be responsible for all costs associated with such reservation (for example, cancellation fees), regardless of whether a Best Rate Guarantee claim is approved or denied.

A claim may be invalidated if you make any changes to or cancel your reservation after the claim is submitted and approved.


Void where prohibited by law. Salt Hotels may modify or discontinue the Best Rate Guarantee or these terms and conditions at any time in our sole discretion, with or without notice.

The Best Rate Guarantee is not redeemable for cash and has no cash value. The Best Rate Guarantee is not transferrable to other guests or to other bookings, and may not be combined with or applied to any other promotions, special offers, or bookings. All taxes, fees, charges, and surcharges applicable to the booking, including, without limitation, extra person, parking, and other charges are applicable to your reservation, and the Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to them. These charges must be paid at the time the room charges are paid and are solely your responsibility. Furthermore, the Best Rate Guarantee cannot be applied to the cost of cancellation or change penalties.